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The Future of Work

Is there an APP for that? The on-demand economy is the result of pairing that workforce with the smartphone, which now provides far more computing power than the desktop computers which reshaped companies in the 1990s, and to far more people. According to Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz, the new iPhones sold over the weekend of their release in May 2017 contained 30 times more computing power than the whole world had at its disposal in 1995.

Text messages are outperforming cold calls and emails on every metric that counts. Most recruiting organizations still use phone calls and emails to conduct candidate outreach but, when you look at the data, it’s easy to see that text message recruiting is more effective. The average response rate to email is 8% whereas text messages generate a 37% average response rate. Text recruiting outperforms email on open rates as well, with text offering a 99% average open rate and email offering just 18%.

There is not enough money in any one job to support a family and therefore people continue to search for side jobs, flexibility and short term additional work. Some people do not have the resume or experience to support these salaried jobs that are available. They find work quickly through these job APPS as employers bring them on in a short term capacity while searching for the right long term fit. After training most of these people become the right fit.

The great recession was a game changer. There’s been a major shift in attitude towards short term lower paying jobs. Some call it a revolution, and others have labeled the Job App and gig economy as an entirely different kind of employment. The gig economy and Job APP consists of a new kind of confident labor force. Flexible workers are becoming the norm and a huge part of the growth of the economy going forward. They don’t know it yet but, the Staffing industry and workforce has been changed forever.