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40% of America’s Workforce will be Freelancers by 2020

Many people used to stay at one job for many years. This is a rare occurrence now. Job seekers are on the hunt for opportunities that offer flexible work.

Companies have started integrating flexibility into their culture, but there are some job types that are unable to offer this, and that’s where the Labor APP can help. The on-demand model can be integrated into every job type and gives workers control over their own schedules. They’re often not as focused and productive than full-time employees and deliver a lesser value to their clients because they aren’t as skilled with their job.

The Job APP is a perfect fit for millennials in this gig economy, as many of them favor being paid on a project-by-project or daily basis. Since millennials are the biggest slice of the American workforce, it gives businesses a big population of people to choose from. But the Job APP doesn’t exclude any age type. Many retirees are finding their way to these APPS looking to replace their retirement income by participating in this gig economy.

Like it or not, companies and the systems that serve them are going to have to change because the workforce evolution is already underway. 86% of the job hunt begins on your smart phone.

70% of all cell phone users would like to apply on their cell phone. Freelance workers available at a moment’s notice will reshape the nature of companies and the structure of careers.