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Are There Critics About Job Apps?

Ask a group of 20 people what they think of the JOB APP economy, and you’ll likely get many different answers. One thing you will get is a curious face looking back at you. Before the revolution of the Job APP, and the Gig economy, some couldn’t live without flexibility. Others completely disagree with the very premise of a job app on their phone. The Job APP offers just that “FLEXIBILITY”.

Frightened by the thought of having their personal information put in an APP is sometimes a difficult hurdle and is subsiding every day. Job Applicants never think twice about writing their information on paper at many unsecure businesses throughout the country. Not to mention our personal info is all over the internet unsecured and easily accessible. There is no privacy in 2017. People get over it.

Imagine that! Even though people have been working short term jobs and gigs for decades, they still look at this evolution as something new and different. The surge of job apps and short term assignments (gig economy) in the past few years have resulted in an argument to say the least.

Many proponents for the work apps evolution are starting to immerge all over the country and many more developing and emulating this premise. Negative headlines about wages paid in the Gig economy overlook the fact that the Job APP and gig economy has helped fulfill a massive service gap in virtually every industry on the market. These industries range from Hospitality, Manufacturing, Clerical, Light Industrial, IT, Medical and many more. We have our thoughts on why the Job App, labor on demand economy will shape the future of work.