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Are There Critics About Job Apps?

Ask a group of 20 people what they think of the JOB APP economy, and you’ll likely get many different answers. One thing you will get is a curious face looking back at you. Before the revolution of the Job APP, and the Gig economy, some couldn’t live without flexibility. Others completely disagree with the very premise of a job app on their phone. The Job APP offers just that “FLEXIBILITY”.

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The Future of Work

Is there an APP for that? The on-demand economy is the result of pairing that workforce with the smartphone, which now provides far more computing power than the desktop computers which reshaped companies in the 1990s, and to far more people. According to Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz, the new iPhones sold over the weekend of their release in May 2017 contained 30 times more computing power than the whole world had at its disposal in 1995.

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