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Coastal Hospitality USA

Why We are Different

“A little about our company”

Coastal Hospitality is a Hospitality Staffing company. Whether you have a short term or long term need for Hospitality Staff, we have experienced staff on our payroll 24 hours a day. Established by former restaurant owners, chefs and staffing industry experts in the mid 2000’s has grown throughout the USA. With offices nationwide, we can cover you anywhere you are located.

In 2016 Coastal Hospitality strategically partnered with Gigtracks. This new technology developed by Coastal Hospitality and its staff is cutting edge and deploys food service workers in a moment’s notice and is free to use. Check it out at

Why Choose Us

The best service: Most temporary agencies aren’t available in the morning hours to address the emergency early AM call-outs. I must say that Coastal answers at even an inconvenient hour. “ Now that’s service”. Kudos to you and your team Adrienne N . F&B Director.

What You Get

Staffing Services: Coastal Hospitality is more than just a temporary staffing company. We are a full service staffing solution focused on “Repairing the Gap” for your organization.

Meet The Energy

Recruitment Outsourcing: Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We can customize a hiring process that you can count on to find the best qualified staff members.

Gavin CEO Coastal Hospitality

CEO: Biography

Atop our contingent of creative team is the design genius, Gavin Frisbee, the Founder and CEO of Coastal Hospitality.

Being a Speaker, Consultant, Teacher, Franchiser and a Tech Guru of the staffing arena for 25 years, Gavin is consistently building, igniting, attracting talent and creating job opportunities nationwide. An entrepreneur who has mastered the merger of technology with the staffing industry.

He always says, “Staffing is our business" and technology is our partner, while workforce solutions and vendor management is an added attraction.